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Whether you’re looking to fish or hunt, we have a variety of choices. Rest assured, no matter which one you pick, be it brook trout or black bear, you’ll leave with something unforgettable.

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  • Hunting

    With Mayflower Outfitters, you’ll know the thrill of being in the wild. You’ll feel the excitement of hunting an animal in its natural habitat, and you’ll understand why we’ve been doing this for so long.

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  • Fishing

    Mayflower Outfitters offers an angling experience for the most active and aggressive fish you’ll ever catch. Remote locations and cold water are a perfect mix for an unforgettable tug on the line. Depending on your preference, all fishing packages can be catch and release.

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Some of the largest black bears on Earth have been recorded in Newfoundland. These magnificent predators make for an interesting hunt. At Mayflower Outfitters, bear hunters can use either rifle or bow for the hunt. Our sturdy tree stands are constructed above active baits. Want to know more about this package? Click here for all […]

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