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Due to the limited number of hunting licenses, as well as our limited accommodations, we recommend that you book your hunting trip early to ensure that your adventure is not delayed.


2017 Rates


Package prices are all-inclusive. Included in each package: guide service, meals and trail lunches, accommodations, licenses, taxes and preparation of game for shipment.  All packages are 6 days unless otherwise noted.

Individual Packages

All Packages are in US Currency

Moose – $5,600 1-1 hunter/guide ratio

Woodland Caribou – $9,700 1-1 hunter/guide ratio (trophy hunt)

Black Bear – $3,800 2-1 hunter/guide ratio; $4,100 1-1 hunter/guide ratio (trophy hunt) Second bear $1,500

Combination Hunt Packages


Moose and Black Bear – $6,900  1-1 hunter/guide ratio (trophy hunt)

Caribou and Black Bear – $12,200 1-1 hunter/guide ratio (trophy hunt)

Moose and Caribou – $13,700 6 day hunt ;  $15,700 10 day hunt 1-1 hunter/guide ratio (trophy hunt)

Newfoundland Grand-Slam –  Moose, Caribou and Black Bear

– $17,800 1-1 hunter/guide ratio                   (trophy hunt) 6 Day Hunt

– $19,800.00, 1-1 hunter/guide ratio            (trophy hunt) 10 Day Hunt


Non-hunting guest – $1,800.00

Accommodating partner while hunting – $2,000.00


Spring Cast & Blast – (5 day packages)

– $4,500, 2/1    Atlantic salmon & Black Bear

– $5,000, 1/1    Atlantic salmon & Black Bear

Atlantic salmon and/or Brook Trout Fishing – (5 day packages)

– $4,200.00, 2-1 Angler/guide ratio

A 50% deposit  is required to confirm a hunting package.  The balance must be paid in cashier’s check or cash and must be paid 1 month prior to arrival. Deposit is non-refundable.




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