Our Staff

Our experience and passion for what we do sets us apart.

For over thirty years, Mayflower staff have welcomed visitors from far and wide. We do it not only because we live here, but also because we love it.

Trevor Pilgrim
Trevor has worked in the Mayflower family business since the ripe old age of 12. He took over the management position in 1989, and has operated the business since that time. Trevor’s favourite thing to do is Atlantic Salmon fishing with his son Shelby, and snowmobiling when the weather allows it.

Shanna Randell
Marketing and Human Resources Manager
Shanna began working with her partner Trevor operating Mayflower Inn & Adventures in 2007. Shanna enjoys many outdoor activities, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and walking, but her favourite things are books and hot baths. Shanna completed University in Nova Scotia, but the call of her Newfoundland home brought her back to her roots!

Austin Dower
Camp Assistant & Big Game Guide

Austin Dower has been working with the Mayflower Outfitters for eleven years as a camp assistant and big game hunting guide. He has three children, Alison, Andrea and Adrian with his wife Alice. In his spare time, Austin enjoys fishing, hunting and hiking. His favorite part about working with the Mayflower Outfitters is that he has the opportunity to hunt with a variety of people from all over the world.

Judy Randell
Housekeeping Supervisor
Judy has worked with Mayflower Inn since 2006. Judy and her husband, Dwayne, have three beautiful girls Nicole, Terri and Valarie. Judy looks forward to the end of the day when she spends valuable time with her family.

Josephine Randell
Josephine has worked with Mayflower since 2008. Josephine and her daughter, Alison, enjoy cooking together and playing host to many of their friends. Josephine enjoys walking and spending time with her nieces, Chloe and Ricki-Lee. A good book is always welcomed to Josephine’s hands.

Wavey Newman
Wavey Newman has been working at the Mayflower Inn for nearly two years. Wavey and her husband, Shawn, have two wonderful children, Kelly and Kenny and just welcomed their first grandchild Alissa to their family. Wavey loves to take her Shitzue Havanese “tubby” for walks and loves ice fishing and spending time at her family’s cabin.

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