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After doing this for so long, we have come to develop a knowledge and experience that makes us experts in what we do. We’ve also answered plenty of questions.

How much of a deposit is required to confirm a hunt?
A $1500.00 per species deposit is required to confirm a hunt.

How do you hunt?
Hunting can be done either by spot & stalk, calling, or from blinds or tree stands.

What is the average size of a bull moose?
A bull moose has an average size of 35 to 45 inches.

What type of clothing should I bring?
Please refer to What to Bring section.

How much rain do you get during a week?
Usually, three out of seven days we have rain, but it’s usually a misty rain.

What are the average temperatures?
September is high 50 F to low 60 F; October is high 40 F to high 50 F.

When is your hunting season?
Please review our information on hunting and fishing to find out more about the typical season for each.

Do I have to apply for a license?
No. This is a part of your all-inclusive package.

When do you require me to pay my balance?
We request that you pay your balance 30 days before arrival.

What Rifle is suitable for a Moose?
The 30-06 is most commonly used, but a 300 Magnum is also a favourable caliber. The use of a 180 gram bullet is preferable.

Can I bring my spouse/child?
We have double occupancy rooms with the ability to house a non-hunting companion, and this person can accompany you on your hunt if that is your preference. If not, they can also enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the lodge and lake, or they can partake in some of our softer, non-consumptive adventures. These adventures must be pre-booked. Please visit Mayflower Inn & Adventures for more information.

What is the hunting age limit in Newfoundland?
For big game, the hunting age limit is 18 years of age.

How much does it cost for butchering?
Depending on the type of cuts pricing can range from $250 – $400/Canadian per animal.

What airport should I fly into?
Deer Lake, Newfoundland. (YDF) Please see our Getting Here section for more details.

Is there somewhere close that I can buy wine or spirits?
Wine or spirits can be purchased in the local town of Roddickton.

Can I drive to the lodge?
Yes. Please see our Getting Here section for more details.

Can you ship my meat and antlers?
Yes. However, as a precaution we request that you contact Air Canada to confirm if your local airport will accept wild game.

How much should I tip my guide?
Average tips for one animal range from $300 and up.

What can I do after I am successful on my hunt?
If you are successful on your hunt there are many other options to further enjoy your time with us. Please visit www.mayfloweradventures.com for other packages.

Is there any waterfowl hunting?
There is waterfowl hunting. However, in recent years we have found there has been a decrease in the number of ducks and geese. Please contact us to discuss if you have an interest in waterfowl hunting.

What cultural and other experiences are there outside of hunting?
Please refer to www.mayfloweradventures.com for further details on other experiences we offer.

Will I be staying out all-day or coming back for lunch?
This will depend on the area your guide will be hunting.

Do we stay in outpost camps during the week?
This is an option. However, if this is something you would really like to do, we require advance notice in order to team you with the appropriate guide who knows the outpost areas.

How do you get the animal out of the field?
We use ATV’s, boats and 4×4 pickup trucks to retrieve the animal from a successful hunt.

What is the average distance shot?
The average distance shot is between 100 to 200 yards.

What day/time should I arrive?
Hunts begin Monday morning, so it is recommended that you arrive sometime on Sunday afternoon.

Do you have transportation from the airport?
Yes. We can provide transportation at an extra cost. Please contact us for pricing.

Where is your lodge located?
From Deer Lake, take Route 430, then 432. Stay on route 432 until you see the sign for Mayflower Outfitters on the right. For further information, please see our Getting Here section.

Can I get more than one moose license?
Depending on availability, it is possible to obtain more than one moose license.

How many kilometers am I expected to walk per day?
A normal hunting day will have you walking between two to ten kilometers. However, we can tailor our hunts to your physical ability.

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